Flexible Support Series, Large Span, Double Cable/Three Cable Structure

Short Description:

* Simple structure, easy maintenance and installation, designed to be applicable to a variety of complex terrain

* Extra long span design reduces the demand for piles in the structure and reduces the cost

* Perfect solution for complex terrain where the other structures can not adjust

Product Detail

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* Simple structure, easy maintenance and installation, designed to be applicable to a variety of complex terrain
* Flexible photovoltaic support structure will be more suitable for various large-span application sites such as ordinary mountains, barren slopes, ponds, fishing ponds, and forests, without affecting crop cultivation and fish farming;
* Strong wind resistance. The flexible photovoltaic support structure, component system, and specialized component connectors have passed wind tunnel tests conducted by the China Aerospace Aerodynamic Technology Research Institute (anti super typhoon level 16);
* Photovoltaic support structure uses four installation methods: hanging, pulling, hanging, and supporting. * Flexible photovoltaic support structure can be freely erected in all directions, including up, down, left, and right, effectively improving the support method of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems;
* Compared with traditional steel structure schemes, flexible photovoltaic support structure have less usage, less load-bearing capacity, and lower cost, which will greatly shorten the overall construction period;
* Flexible photovoltaic support structure have low requirements for site foundation and strong pre-installation capability.

Flexible support

Components Installation

Compatibility Compatible with all PV modules
Voltage level 1000VDC or 1500VDC

Mechanical Parameters

Corrosion-proofing Grade Up to C4 corrosion-proof design(Optional)
Inclination angle of component installation 30°
Off-ground height of components > 4 m
Row spacing of components 2.4m
East-west span 15-30m
Number of continuous spans > 3
Number of piles 7(Single group)
Foundation Cement or static pressure pile foundation
Default wind pressure 0.55N/m
Default snow pressure 0.25N/m²
Reference standard GB50797,GB50017

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