Dual Pile Fixed Support, 800~1500VDC, Bifacial Module, Adaptability To Complex Terrain

Short Description:

* Various types, deployed for different terrain

* Designed strictly adhere to the industry standard and verified rigidly

* Up to C4 corrosion-proof design

* Theoretical calculation&Finite element analysis&Laboratory test

Economic choice for large scale ground power plant with sufficient illumination and narrow budget

Product Detail

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A dual-pile ground fixed tilt PV support is a type of support used for installing photovoltaic power systems. It typically consists of two vertical column with a foundation at the bottom to withstand the weight of the photovoltaic support and maintain stability. At the top of the column, PV modules are installed using a supporting skeleton structure to secure them on the column for electricity production.
Dual-pile ground fixed tilt PV support are commonly used in large scale power plant projects, such as PV agriculture and Fish-Solar projects which is an economical structure with advantages that include stability, simple installation, fast deployment and disassembly, and ability to be applied to different terrain and weather conditions.
Our production can be compatible with all type solar modules on the market, we customize the design of standard products based on different site conditions, meteorological information, snow load and wind load information, anti-corrosion grade requirements from different project locations. Product drawings, installation manuals, structural load calculations, and other related documents will be delivered to the customer together with our dual-pile ground fixed tilt PV support.

Component Installation

 Compatibility Compatible with all PV modules
Voltage level 1000VDC or 1500VDC
Quantity of modules 26~84(adaptability)

Mechanical Parameters

Corrosion-proofing Grade Up to C4 corrosion-proof design(Optional)
Foundation Cement pile or static pressure pile foundation
Maximum wind speed 45m/s
Reference standard GB50797,GB50017

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